What do I wear?    Please wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement. Layers are great. For women, preferably a  full swishy skirt, worn over leggings / joggers.  Please wear hard soled  shoes or ankle boots ideally with a small sturdy heel, (or boots for men.)  If you don’t have the above  you can wear trainers to get started but you will not be able to make any noise with your feet.   We can advise you when you start the classes so please do not rush out to buy anything before your first class.


Where can I buy flamenco shoes?   We recommend Roberto Garrudo in Spain www.zapatosdebaile.com  they sell reasonably priced leather flamenco shoes which are ideal for beginners .  El Mundo Flamenco near Bond St in London is a specialist shop www.elmundoflamenco.co.uk


Where can I buy flamenco skirts? In addition to El Mundo Flamenco we recommend Juerga Wear ( Etsy shop)  for quality bespoke designs https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JuergaWear


 Do I need to book/pay in advance?    Yes,  due to covid our classes are much smaller than usual . We require payment in advance so we can be sure of numbers and guarantee you a space in the class.  By running the classes in this way the same students attend each week so the class progresses together .  Should Government restrictions change and we have to cancel classes we will of course refund you for any cancelled classes.


Do I need a partner?   No, flamenco is mostly a solo dance.  An exception is Sevillanas, and if this is taught, partners will be formed within the class.


 What class should I attend?   Please read the class description and if you are not sure please contact us.