Who is flamenco for ?  It’s for everyone.  You don’t need to be a trained dancer to be able to enjoy flamenco ,all you need is enthusiasm.  It’s not just for women either, the strong footwork and stance is for men too!


What do I wear?

Initially wear what feels comfortable.  For women, preferably a wide (circular) skirt. Please wear strong shoes or boots ideally with a small sturdy heel, (or boots for men.) Trainers are not suitable as we need to make lots of noise with our feet!  We can advise you when you start the classes so please do not rush out to buy anything before your first class.

Where can I buy flamenco shoes?

We recommend Roberto Garrudo in Spain www.zapatosdebaile.com  they sell reasonably priced leather flamenco shoes which are ideal for beginners .    El Mundo Flamenco near Bond St is a specialist shop and has an excellent choice and knowledgable staff.

 Do I need to book in advance? 

Yes!  We run small classes so space is limited and they do often fill up.  We do require payment to confirm your space..  If you find that the class is not suitable for you for any reason we will refund you minus the cost of the class you tried/or offer you another level class if we have space.  It may also be possible to try a class first but this does depend if there is space so please contact us first.

Do I need a partner?

No, flamenco is mostly a solo dance.  An exception is Sevillanas, and if this is taught, partners will be formed within the class.

 What class should I attend?

Please read the class description and if you are not sure please contact us. You can of course try different classes to find the level most suitable for you.